On Thursday, 4th October 2018 the Southside Association, supported by the Southside Community Council and Cllr Cameron Rose, took a deputation to the Transport and Environment Committee. The deputation highlighted various fly posting concerns - Fly posting associated with the Festival Fringe, fly posting by night clubs (mainly aimed at students in September / October), and the opportunity the City Council has in the legislation to take powers to control fly posting more effectively. It was suggested that some of the money raised by the Festival Fringe advertising should be ring fenced to pay for enforcement measures throughout the year. The deputation was well received by the committee, and we look forward to seeing an improvement in the situation.

These photos were taken on Wednesday, 29th August, 2018, after the Festival was finished. They are all in the Southside - Nicolson Street, South Bridge, Chambers Street, George IV Bridge, Forrest Road, Bristo Square, Potterrow.and Buccleuch Street. As you can see, most, if not all these photos are within 20m of official poster sites. The Council has a contract with a company that is supposed to control flyposting within this limit. In the afternoon of Thursday 6th September most of this flyposting was still there, despite the fact that all the official boards had been removed.


See the pictures as a PowerPoint presentation.

On 9th October we went out again with the camera, to record the state of things then, after the post Festival clean up. As you can see from the photos we have taken, the flyposting may be gone (or almost gone), but what a mess is left behind! We are concerned that the three day clean up planned for 25th - 27th October just won't be enough to get the place properly cleaned up.