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Founded 1972           Scottish Charity No SCO12262

The Southside Association was founded in 1972 when local people campaigned to halt the demolition of tenements and other buildings in the area. Nowadays, the Association is a non-political amenity group, with an interest in social, welfare, environmental, educational, planning, licensing and recreational matters as they affect the Southside area.

The Southside Association meets on the first Tuesday of each month (except July and August) at 6:45pm in the South Side Community Centre, 117 Nicolson Street. We often have guest speakers on subjects of local interest, as well as a police officer and one of the local councillors being in attendance to answer questions and take up issues on behalf of members.

New members are always very welcome. Membership costs just 10 for a year (running from the AGM in May to the following April).

Chair/Secretary : Colin Christison     Vice Chair : Jo Scott     Treasurer : Hilary McDowell

Current issues

Salisbury Hotel

The Salisbury Hotel, on Salisbury Road, seems to be building a large structure in the back garden. This completely without planning permission or building control. When asked, they said it was to be a Lebanese Restaurant. Here are some pictures of the construction work.

An official from the City Council said, on 7th February 2020, "The hotel have been instructed on more than one occasion to remove the structure. Regrettably this advice has gone unheeded and on this basis I informed them on 31/01 that an enforcement notice would have to be served. I am in the process of drafting an action report which I anticipate will be signed off next week. The hotel have also been advised that any work that is undertaken is at their own risk as the Council's notice will request the complete removal of the structure at the rear."

We shall be keeping a close eye on this, and seeing if the hotel complies with the Council instructions. We shall also be asking our ward councillors to take an interest. This development goes completely against the Council's "Villa Garden" policy, which seeks to preserve garden space, and limit development like this. It also creates a danger to the public - should there be a fire there would be little chance of escape, and practically no access for fire fighters.


By 1st October 2019 all commercial bins were supposed to be off the streets, even glass and food waste. The Council promised 'From 1 October, food and glass will not be allowed to be stored on street'. See the regulations.

However, anyone walking along the streets of the Southside can easily see that this new rule is being ignored by some traders. We know that the Council has limited resources to deal with this issue, but we continue to report these persistant offenders in the hope that they can be persuaded to comply. We hope we can make a difference, making it easier to make our way along the pavements of Southside. We are specially concerned for people with limited mobility trying to get to the shops.


Flyposting continues to be a big problem in the Southside, but we have made a difference. The Festival period used to be particularly bad, but we campaigned hard on this issue, taking a deputation to the Transport and Environment Committee of the City Council on Thursday 4th October 2018, and it was as a result of this that the contract for control of Festival Fringe advertising has been considerably improved, and the area was kept much tidier during the 2019 festival period. Our thanks to Councillor Cameron Rose for supporting us on this issue, and for support from the Southside Community Council and the East Parkside Proprietors' Association.

For the rest of the year we still have a problem with illegal flyposting, and we continue to campaign on the issue, taking down posters from litter bins, lamp posts, telephone kiosks and so on, and also working with Council officials to try to get things improved.

More Murals for Southside

The Southside Association has now painted murals in Gibb's EntryPend and Haddon's Court Pend. The pictures below should give you an idea of what we have done: Read more...